BodyLoc System

The BodyLoc System was developed to meet the fundamental requirements of body immobilization and stereotactic localization in a non-invasive manner. Fractionated radiation therapy to a target lesion within the body is the primary method used for radiation therapy. This method requires precise immobilization and repositioning of the patient for other treatment sessions.

The BodyLoc System is capable of immobilizing the head and neck, as well as the thorax, abdomen, and pelvis. As can be seen in the CT scout image below, its fiducial localization system is continuous from head to pelvis and allows accurate and continuous stereotactic imaging and localization throughout the entire upper body.

BodyLoc uses a unique, patented, "imaging resolver fudicial array" aligned along its base such that only axial images are required for 3-dimensional stereotactic localization. See Reference Article

Whole body scout image showing a BodyLoc imaging resolvers fiducials.