CASS Brachytherapy System

The CASS Brachytherapy System is a highly advanced 3-D Graphic and Imaging System. It combines actual CT or MR images with graphic renditions of tumor volumes and radioisotope seeds, catheters, and calculated dosimetry zones for full 3-D dose volume optimization. A graphic rendition of tumor volumes can be projected in 3-D stereotactic frame space with angiographic localizers for confirmation of radioisotope seed positions and dosimetry. The system also provides multiple windowing image slice viewing with isodose contours.


  • Automatic Frame Calibration (and Skull Contouring)
  • 3-D Imaging and Graphics
  • Tumor Volume and Dosimetry Rendition in Wire Frame, Solid or Transparency format
  • 2-D and 3-D dose volume histogram
  • User-Defined 3-D Variable Dosimetry Zone Determinations
  • Multiple User-Selectable Windowing of Image Slice Dosimetry
  • Visual Optimization via the CASS "Probe's Eye View" Approach
  • Seed Position Verification with Angiographic Localizer
Early Stage Final Visual
Early stage of planning
tumor volume with two catheters showing 100% Dose Zone. Note: 3D dose volume histogram superimposed at lower left.
Final Visual Optimization showing more catheters and 80% Dose Zone at Tumor Margins. Note: 3D dose volume histogram superimposed at lower left.