Overview of the CASS System

The CASS (Computer Assisted Stereotactic Surgery) System is a complex integration of various hardware components in a software environment. The system provides the surgeon with a means for acquiring digital images from virtually any scanner (CT, MR, DSA, Isotope, etc.). These images are stored in the system in a common format independent of the original scanning device. The data from the images can be used to plan and perform both functional and morphological stereotactic surgical procedures in a cost effective manner. The CASS System is a user-friendly, icon driven system. CASS is designed so that the surgeon can easily interface with the system during a particular procedure.

Major Features:

The software environment of the CASS System is structured on a multi-modular, multi-divisional menu system. The extensive software library consists of more than a million lines of code, and continues to be expanded. The various features of the system, which can also be combined in use, are separated in major groupings. There is a separate menu system for image acquisition, image manipulation, probe positioning, image building, map positioning, whole brain mapping, radiosurgery, brachytherapy and various 3-D imaging techniques.

CASS presents the neurosurgeon with the composite conceptualization of many of the complex aspects of the stereotactic technique. It is, therefore, of value to experienced stereotactic surgeons, as well as those surgeons with limited knowledge of stereotaxy. In regard to the latter, CASS provides a means to quickly develop good stereotactic skills.


  • The CASS System is a compact, portable unit, which promotes ease of use.
  • The system permits easy acquisition of images from many different scanners.
  • The CASS System interfaces with any stereotactic frame.
  • CASS can simulate the entire operative procedure, including brain mapping.
  • The entire procedure - including all acquired images - can be accurately logged and archived by our special medical/legal tape archiving system.
  • The system aids the surgeon in the accurate execution of a treatment plan.