Immobilization is achieved by the use of a vacuum mold system or polyurethane foam mold for posterior areas and a thermoplastic body mold to cover large body surfaces in the ventral or anterior plane. The method of combined anterior and posterior form fitting custom molded immobilization material, which cover wide surface areas, improves immobilization and repositioning as well as minimizes diaphragmatic movements. The vacuum or foam molds and the thermoplastic molds can be stored and reused for each patient in a fractionation treatment regimen.

Patients immobilized in the frame are imaged with CT and/or MR imaging to localize the target area. Targets are calculated and the patient, again immobilized in the frame, is positioned on the LINAC couch according to calculated stereotactic targets. The BodyLoc System can be used with any standard linear accelerator or the Tomotherapy System. See Reference Article

CT scout image of a patient in the BodyLoc.